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Nexfs intelligent software-defined storage

Advanced data protection and automated data lifecycle management. Combine block, file, cloud and object storage into a massively scalable pool of storage


Nexustorage recognised as one of the 10 Hottest Data Storage Startups Of 2022

Nexfs System Diagram - High Level.png

Protect data from the risk of data loss by automatically creating copies of your data in cloud and object storage

Create an Exabyte scalable file and block storage pool, backed by cloud and object storage

Nexfs comes with an optional built-in iSCSI server. Store and run your active servers and structured data in compatible Cloud and Object Storage

Trust Nexfs to automatically move your data to the right storage tier

 Release 1.01.03(23) Highlights

  • Added HTTPS server option for Management Console

  • Added HTTPS server option for Content Server (S3 API)

  • Added SSL Certificate Management

 Release 1.01(23) Highlights

  • Integrated S3 (API) Server

  • Mapped S3 to POSIX ACLS

  • Support for running multiple Nexfs procs on the same server

  • Nexfs as an S3 T3 destination

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Manage up to 5TB of data with Nexfs for  Free


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