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Nexfs October 2022 edition released by Nexustorage, the New Zealand Storage Tech Startup

4 Oct 2022. Nexustorage is delighted to announce the second significant release of Nexfs in 2022, an advanced software-defined storage solution for automated data lifecycle management and protection. Nexfs combines block, file, cloud and object storage into a massively scalable storage pool.

Significant October 2022 enhancements include:

  • Integrated Admin Web Console for Management, Configuration and Service Overview

  • A New RESTful Management API

  • AWS Style Version 4 Signatures

  • Role-Based Security

  • iSCSI and NFS configuration through the Admin Web Console

  • SNMP Traps (v2c/3)

  • Service Health State Monitoring API

  • Run time Performance and Operation Counters API

  • Automated Metadata Replication with Active Volume Failover and Recovery

  • Multiple Namespace Support. Shared or dedicated storage resources, distinct security realms.

The open-sourced web admin portal offers real-life examples of using the Nexfs API for automation and allows the Nexfs community to customise the console.

"This is a notable release for Nexustorage, simplifying every aspect of Nexfs management; Nexfs is no longer confined to those confident using the Linux command line or creating JSON configuration files," says Nexustorage founder Glen Olsen. "Our Nexustorage community can also anticipate a third exciting major release of Nexfs before the end of 2022".

Nexfs October 2022 edition is available today from the Nexustorage website and includes a free-to-use 5TB basic license.

About Nexustorage Limited: Nexstorage Limited is a Tech Startup based in Wellington, New Zealand, Founded in 2021. Nexustorage Nexfs is a new generation of advanced unified+universal (block, object, and file) software-defined storage solutions.

For more information on Nexustorage or Nexfs, visit the Nexustorage website or email

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