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Nexustorage continues to drive advances in universal storage

New Zealand Tech Storage Startup Nexustorage continues to drive advances in universal (block, object, and file) software-defined storage and is thrilled to announce the first significant release of Nexfs for 2022.

The April 2022 release builds on the success and positive feedback obtained during the 2021 Nexfs preview programs.

Significant Nexfs enhancements incorporated with the April 2022 release include:

  • A new, fully integrated iSCSI server with direct access to the storage pool has been built into the core of Nexfs.

  • Nexfs now optionally controls and configures the NFS Server.

  • Nexfs Metadata Replication, reducing risk while increasing uptime, Nexfs can now replicate internal structure metadata synchronously or asynchronously.

  • Enhanced Statistic collection. A more decisive administration view of the active storage system.

  • Simplified Installation: Nexfs was already one of the most straightforward storage systems to implement; now, it installs itself and configures system dependencies with a single command.

  • New Step-by-Step Guides: Simple walkthrough guides for the most common administration tasks.

"Having learnt from the fantastic feedback acquired through the preview program, we focused on what adds actual value to the Nexfs community," says Nexustorage founder Glen Olsen. "While continued data protection through SmartProtect remained a top valued feature, storage protocol management was highly desired. We went a step further, placing an iSCSI server into the core of Nexfs. With direct access to the Nexfs storage pool, iSCSI performance has significantly boosted."

The Nexfs community can expect exciting new features released in the coming months, focusing on data protection, data risk reduction, and further simplified management.

Nexfs offers an initial free-to-use 5TB managed data license and is available now to download from the website.

About Nexustorage Limited: Nexustorage Limited is a Tech Startup based in Wellington, New Zealand, founded in 2021. Nexfs is a new generation of leading advanced universal (block, object, and file) software-defined storage.

For more information on Nexustorage or Nexfs, visit the Nexustorage website or email

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