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iSCSI Configuration Troubleshooting

  • Check the Nexfs logfile for "gfs_jsoniscsiloadconf, failed to parse iSCSI config JSON" error messages indicating the JSON configuration file is not malformed

  • Use an online JSON editor such as codebeautify to verify that the configuration file that fails to load is formatted as valid JSON

  • View the configuration using tgtadm

  •  Use iscsiadm to verify that an iSCSI target is available over the expected interface, for example, the following command shows that target 1 is available over the interface at

# iscsiadm -m discovery -p -t st,1

  • Using tgtadm check that targets are bound to the expected interfaces

  • Make sure that the path specified for a LUN exists, Nexfs will automatically remove the configuration for a LUN if the path it points to does not exist

  • Ensure that you have not included the nexfs fuse mountpoint prefix in the specified LUN path, the integrated iSCSI server has direct access to the nexfs storage pool and is not aware of the fuse mountpoint prefix

iSCSI Service Configuration
Configuring iSCSI
view iSCSI with tgtadmin
Enabling to Integrate iSCSI server
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