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Using the Nexfs Management API

A running Nexfs server can be managed using the integrated management api.


By default the integrated api can be accessed over port 9200 using the endpoint /nexfsconsoleapi, for example https://nexfshost:9200/nexfsconsoleapi 

The Management Webconsole must be enabled to access the Management API. The Webconsole itself uses the Management API. If the Management webconsole is configured to use HTTP then the Management API will also require HTTP


Additionally, the management API uses the same accounts as the webconsole, but the webconsole access role can be removed from any or all uses, allowing only the management API to be utilised.

The API is started by default, but can be disabled along with the Web Console with the MGMTWEBSERVERENABLED Nexfs configuration. The port that the webconsole and API listen on can be set using the MGMTWEBSERVERPORT configuration.

The default login and secret password to access the management api  is:

Login: nexfsadmin

Secret: nexfsadminsecret

Nexfs can also be managed with the Linux command-line utility nexfscli or the integrated admin webconsole

Most configuration changed as well as Nexfs management can be made using the API, a small set of less used actions can only be performed using nexfscli (or the file based administration method).

Being integrated the API can only be used to configure and manage Nexfs if the Nexfs server is online, you will use nexfscli when Nexfs is offline.   

The webconsole is released as opensource on github, the webconsole only uses the methods available over the Nexfs management API, allowing the Nexfs community to review the webconsole javascript and html code for examples on using and coding against the management api. The Nexfs community will be able to install their own customised version of the webconsole with a later planned release of Nexfs.

Using the API


The API has very similar methods to Amazon AWS. Before any call can be made a temporary session management token must be created using the GetSessionToken method. 

All API requests must be signed using AWS Version 4 style signatures, more information including a index of Nexfs API methods can be found here

Also, see managing Nexfs using the Nexfs management Console and nexfscli

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