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Managing Nexfs with the Webconsole

A running Nexfs server can be managed with the integrated management webconsole.


By default the integrated webconsole can be accessed over port 9200 using the endpoint /nexfsconsole, for example https://localhost:9200/nexfsconsole (Change localhost to the ipaddress or DNS resolvable hostname of the Nexfs Server)

By default the webconsole runs over https using a self signed certificate, you can change the http by setting MGMTWEBSERVERHTTPSENABLED to 0

The admin webconsole is started by default, but can be disabled by setting the MGMTWEBSERVERENABLED Nexfs configuration to 0. 

Note: Disabling the web console will also disable the management API, but nexfscli can still be used


The port that the webconsole listens on can be changed using the MGMTWEBSERVERPORT configuration or the 'API / MgmtWeb Server Port' setting of the advanced settings page in the admin console. Changing the port requires the Nexfs integrated webconsole to be restart (set MGMTWEBSERVERENABLED to 0, wait until the mgmt webconsole shows as shutdown when running nexfscli server status, set MGMTWEBSERVERENABLED back to 1)

The default login and secret password to access the webconsole are:

Login: nexfsadmin

Secret: nexfsadminsecret

Nexfs can also be managed with the command-line utility nexfscli or the Nexfs Management API

Most configuration changes can be made using the webconsole, a small set of less used actions can only be performed using nexfscli, currently this includes acceptance of the Nexustorage Nexfs Terms & Conditions.

The admin console can only be used for configuration and management when the Nexfs server is online, nexfscli can also be used while Nexfs is offline.   

The webconsole is released as opensource on github, the webconsole only uses the methods available over the Nexfs management api, allowing the nexfs community to review the webconsole code for examples on using and coding against the management api. The Nexfs community will be able to install their own customised version of the webconsole using the integrated web server with a later release of Nexfs.

Using the admin webconsole


  • Logging into the Nexfs Admin Webconsole

When you first connect to the Admin Webconsole or if your existing session has expired due to inactivity you will be prompted to login







  1. Enter your login name (ACCESSKEY)

  2. Enter your passphrase (SECRETKEY)

  3. Click on the Login button 


  • Login Failure

If your login attempt is unsuccessful, Nexfs will show a "Login Failed" message along with a "show reason" button, clicking on the "show reason" button will give details of why the attempt was not successful, in the above example the password (secretkey) was incorrect.

  • Admin Portal Navigation

  1. Select the main category section from the left hand menu 

  2. If a category has sub sections, you select the required sub section from the category specific top menu

  3. Some sub sections include an addition level of options, these are presented under the category specific top menu 


  • Admin Portal Help


When help is available your pointer will display as a question mark this will mostly occur when your pointer is over a label, clicking when the pointer is a question mark will display the help text for that item. The help text window will close automatically when the pointer is moved away from the help window.











  1. Example of question mark indicating help text is available

  2. Example help text windows after clicking with question mark cursor


Also, see managing Nexfs using the Nexfs management API and nexfscli

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