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Starting and Stopping Nexfscli


It is also recommended that the nexfscli command line utility is used to manually start and stop the nexfs server.


Starting and Stopping Nexfs with nexfscli


To start Nexfs run:


nexfscli server start

To nicely stop Nexfs, run:


nexfscli server stop


While it is always advisable to perform a nice Nexfs server stop, which pauses client traffic and attempts to flush any open buffers, if a fast and hard stop of Nexfs is required, run:


nexfscli server forcestop


Note: running a force stop is not recommended other than as a last resort, a force stop will not flush open data buffers to permanent storage, which could result in data corruption. 


Manually Starting Nexfs


the Nexfs server can be manually started using the synopsis


nexfs.server [--confdir=<nexfsconfdir>] [-o OPTION][,OPTIONS[,..]  mountpoint

--configdir=   (optional) Specify the path to the Nexfs configuration directory to use, defaults to /etc/nexfs


  allow_other   (optional) Required to allow users other than root to access the Nexfs storage pool from the fuse mountpoint

  no_forget  (optional) Option must be included for NFS over the fuse mounpoint to work correctly

  mountpoint Must be provided at startup, this is the mountpoint where the Nexfs fuse filesystem will be mounted.

Example: nexfs.server -c /nexfs/conf -o allow_other,no_forget /mnt/nexfs

Manually Stopping Nexfs using the Advanced Management method

While Nexfs can be stopped by issuing a umount against the Nexfs fuse mountpoint, the umount method is highly discouraged unless a clean shutdown cannot be completed

It is recommended to use nexfscli to manually stop Nexfs, for advanced management users and automation Nexfs can be stopped programmatically using the Nexfs management file interface

Automatic startup and shutdown of Nexfs (systemd)

A system startup script for Nexfs can be installed using nexfscli by running:

nexfscli installsystemdservice

Getting the Nexfs server status


To get the current Nexfs server status, run


nexfscli server status


For a running Nexfs server will result in output that includes the server status:


Nexfs Mountpoint: /mnt/nexfs
Server Status: OK

Starting and Stopping nexfs with nexfscli
Manualy Starting Nexfs
Manually Stopping Nexfs (Advanced)
Automatic startup and shutdown of Nexfs (systemd)
Getting the Nexfs server status
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