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Nexustorage announces the first publicly available release of Nexfs - a new-age scalable filesystem.

This month sees the first publicly available preview release of the new-age filesystem known as Nexfs from Nexustorage.

Nexfs is an advanced, scalable software-defined storage solution that combines storage technologies like file, block, cloud and object, to present a single intelligent pool of addressable storage.

For many workloads, there is no longer a need to choose between storage technologies that best match the characteristics required; you can now have the best of both worlds with Nexfs.

Critical to the philosophy at Nexustorage is that technology should be accessible; as such, we are offering the standard community edition of Nexfs free to use to all.

In creating Nexfs, Nexustorage aims to help reduce data risks and costs while simplifying the complexities of provisioning, running and managing scalable storage.

Key Features included in this Nexfs preview release

SmartProtect and SmartTier Technology

Nexustorage is taking steps to change the way data is protected. The first step in this process is through the introduction of Nexfs SmartProtect. SmartProtect can help subdue data loss following primary storage failures by automatically generating a replica of primary storage data in S3 or likewise compatible Cloud or Object storage. SmartProtect can be set to protect new data every time a file is closed, each time a chunk of file data changes, in addition to periodicity in the case a file stays open for extended periods.

SmartTier can run on its own or in conjunction with SmartProtect. SmartTier relocates data chunks from primary storage to object or cloud, instantly freeing primary storage space for new data. SmartTier helps reduce primary storage requirements for data that once written is seldom updated or read, or data that once written can be served directly from a cloud or object storage tier. SmartTier will generally move data faster than when relying on Nexfs watermark triggered background data migrations.

Data recovery with SmartTier is immediate, and there is no requirement for any data to be restored. Nexfs will copy the data requested inline, transparently and critically on-demand.

Intelligent Data Placement

Intelligent data placement is a core functionality of Nexfs. The inaugural release of Nexfs supports up to three storage tiers. With the hottest data located on the highest performance tier, as that data becomes less active, it is transparently relocated to a more cost-effective storage tier, object or cloud storage from where it can be recalled on-demand.

Block and Structured Data on Object

It is often stated that structured data and block-style workloads are not feasible with Object and Cloud storage; in contrast, Nexustorage has created a new-age filesystem that embraces block-on object within the Nexfs core.

AWS S3 + Compatible Cloud & Object Storage

With Nexfs, you can store, run, clone, archive the likes of VMs, and many other block style workloads, store structure and unstructured data, all with your choice of compatible S3 Cloud or Object tier-3 storage.

Quick and Simple Installation

Additional Nexfs Benefits:

  • Nexfs standard community edition is free

  • Nexfs can be running in minutes

  • Access a single transparently multi-tiered pool of combined Block+File+Object/Cloud storage

  • Nexassert (Patent Pending) removes the Achilles-Heel of maintaining data location indexes

  • Can reduce storage costs

  • Store live structured data in Object/Cloud storage

  • Provides block file access to cloud and object storage

  • Boot and run Microsoft Windows and Linux servers that reside in cloud and object storage

  • iSCSI block interface to cloud and object storage

  • Enables small data changes to large data objects/cloud files without a complete re-upload

  • Enables cloud and object storage to work as an effective file-based backup repository

Expanded Nexfs Pilot Programme

Nexustorage will soon be expanding the Nexfs Pilot Programme (Limited Places). Companies joining the Pilot Programme will receive free engineering help for planning and implementing a Nexfs server, free standard support during the duration of the pilot program, a free Nexfs commercial license for use once Nexfs V1 GA is released, plus the first 12 months of standard level product support (beginning when V1 GA is released). For more information on the Nexfs Pilot Programme, including how to apply to join, email Please be aware that places on the program will be limited.

More Information

For more information on Nexfs or Nexustorage please visit or email


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